Located in Texas, we breed AKC Standard Poodles for families, service work, therapy and performance

Pleasant Valley Standard Poodles


We do not currently have any PUPPIES, but w are planning a Spring 2021 Litter for your consideration.


Please review our AvailableBreeding Philosophy & Purchasing pages for more info.


Who is Pleasant Valley?

Hi there! I'm so glad you're here and interested in knowing more about us and our Standard Poodles. Originally from South Texas, I used to compete with my Standards and then I moved up to the Panhandle where I fell in love, got married, and now have a wonderful family. Our dogs fit into this picture perfectly! I have been breeding Standard Poodles for over 15 years now... Along with my husband, our four children and our dogs, we are Pleasant Valley Standards!

If you are looking for a puppy, regardless of the breeder:

Please do your research on any breeder you begin speaking with! I HIGHLY recommend you get references and actually call those individuals. Ask lots of questions, ask to Facetime, ask to see parent dogs, all BEFORE GIVING ANY MONEY!

Check out AKC Marketplace and Good Dog. While AKC does not necessarily screen breeders prior to posting their ads on the Marketplace, Good Dog does a thorough interview and verifies breeders information prior to approving them for their site.

We are proud to be Recognized Breeders with Good Dog!

Have Questions? Feel free to ask us anything!

Pleasant Valley Standard Poodles

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