Guardian Homes

Want to be a guardian home?

We are always looking to establish relationships with

potential guardian homes!

What is a guardian home, you ask?
Well, we do not feel comfortable adding more dogs to our home as we cannot give each adequate attention if we have too many. We will not have a kennel setting, because we believe our dogs deserve more of us. So, we look for homes within two hours of us to adopt one of our dogs. The dog becomes part of their family and is loved greatly as any dog should. When it comes time to think about breeding the dog, we will perform all health testing (at our expense) and then we will evaluate the dog's temperament and conformation for breeding.


If all works out and if a female, she would come to us a couple weeks before having puppies and stay with us until puppies are in homes. All at the expense of PVSP. If a male, we would be allowed to pick up the dog or coordinate breeding's to females we choose at the convenience of us and the foster home. Once we feel the dog should no longer whelp or sire puppies, we will sign over rights after the dog is spayed/neutered. Contact us today if you are interested!

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