Meet Our Dog Family!

We only have a few dogs living inside our home: Stella (AKC Standard Poodle), Bunker (AKC Standard Poodle), Mia (AKC Standard Poodle) and Rumour (neutered AKC St. Bernard). 


By only having a few dogs in our home, we can avoid having a kennel setting and feel that we are able to give each dog the attention and love they need in a one on one basis. 

Scroll through left to right to see our canine companions. Health testing results are on our Health Testing page.



Official AKC Name:
Dance the Night Away in Pleasant Valley CGC TDI
21.5" at the shoulder 


Mia is out of our own Stella and an outside male we used for her litter named Apollo. She is energetic with high drive and tons of energy but knows when to settle down. She knows no stranger and although she is a smaller built girl, she is fearless and ready to go. Her size, if in Europe, would make her of the Moyen variety. 


Mia's favorite pastimes include chasing any and every blowing leaf in the yard. When the wind blows, you can be guaranteed to see Mia anxiously waiting to go outside to play and chase anything blowing across the yard. She easily gained her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and passed her Therapy Dog Exam and Evaluation with passing colors. She holds both titles with the AKC. 

Mia is a fabulously fun and spunky girl and we love that her puppies seem to inherit her love of life attitude.


Outside Males

Occasionally we use outside males to add diversity to our program.

Kingsley is our most recently used outside male and has been bred to Mia for September 2021 puppies.

He is owned by a breeder friend of ours who also places high regards on health testing, appropriately calm and level headed temperament and functional structure. Kingsley's health testing can be found on our Health Testing page.


Our Dogs

These are our dogs, past and present, and puppies before they went to their new homes